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Saturday, June 19, 2010

20 JuN 2010 ??!!!

y do i mention this date???
yes it's bcoz this date is a special day~
It's a FaThEr's dAyS!
so jgn lupe ye kwn2 wish kat ayh msg2!!! ^__^
thankful to Allah that im still having my father
he is now in riyadh,saudi arabia for his working purposes
but his family will not 4get him even for a minute..=) chewwwahhh
and we pray to Allah to protect and bless him

mmg btol.... everyday is actually father's day cos we'll always remember him
and be with him
but to show our appreciate as a son/daughter
y not we giv a card and write a lovely poem or wish
and giv a present or take him to a special dinner
hehee...up to u~
but as long as it is sincere from the bottom of ur heart

seorg ayh itu tidak minta apa2 dari anak2nya
dia hanya mahu melihat kejayaan kita dan kita mjadi orang yg bguna
same goes to ur mom pon..
jadi bersyukur dgn kehadiran ayah anda
berbuat baik kepada kedua org tua kita
nescaya hidup kita pon selamat dan bhgea dunia akhirat..insyaAllah

and to...---->>>>

u are the bestest father in the world !

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers