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Thursday, June 17, 2010

beessshhhh !!!!

yes got all those feelings rite now..hehe
today i went AGAIN to wgsa walk
( hurm...wgsa walk tu dh mcm umah ke-2 kami)
xde tmpt len ke nk g???! erm...
suddenly this morning my bro asked us to play bowling
plus watching TOY STORY 3 ...
erm klu b4 dis die xdela rjen sgt ajak ktowg tgk mvie neyh
tp besh ar coz salu nyer tgk bdua je dgn si gediks~ (haha adikku ika)
then smpai2 je we go straight to bowls but
i went to the counter ticket mvie 1st la~
(takoot nt abeh lak tiket nk nengok toy story tu...hehe)
then when i came back to that bowls place
my lil sis said that there was my fren next to our bowl lane
hahaha then when i saw the person
upe2nyer puan laila (yg btmbh cntik pas kawen) bersama adik2 iparnya yg comel
hehe...aka bakal ehem2..blushing2~ ( malu sy..^_^)
sonok jpe n tgk mreka men td..hehe

bout the bowling game... ~
br men 1st set dh skt my spine..haha
my bro lak...his thumb hmpir nk tcabot kuku n drh ckit dh..hehe
myb penangan strike 2-3 kali bturut2
we played 3 set game
haha giler berboling!

then proceed to lunch time!
as usual la..bbq chicken...coz someone really want to eat the fish cutlet!
unfortunately dh abeh lak..too bad..cian adik ak..haha
it's ok la bro... coz just now we've bought the fish and chips + fish cocktails @ carrefour
so he can cooked it at home whenever and how much he want

hoyyee there's come to movie show!
rugi btl bli 1 large popcorn n share for 3 prson..haisshhh
even dh mkn kat bbq chicken td tp msg2 perot mmg beso~
b4 the mvie started ,the popcorn was already finished

so that was my story for today
till we meet again everybody!

ps:// hav to manage 2 blog now..hehe
the priority of cos the other one which is ad-din-thewayoflife.blogspot( create this blog wif him )

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers