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Sunday, June 20, 2010

braces 0 braces ! tq so much~

everybody knows dat braces nowadays is very popular
some people wear it as treatment to align back their teeth
and some people sje2 pkai cos rse cam cntik and byk duit xtau nk wtpe~ haha yeke???
im one of the braces user
hari ni ekotkan dh hmpir setahun 4 bulan pkai braces neyh~
n the outcome is so amazing!
gg dh x jarang n tersusun rapi
there's only a small gap between my teeth which do not close yet
but i think it will close soon ~
myb nxt yr dh leh bukak kot! yahooooo...haha memandai sndr je~

thanx to my dentist cos u give me back my confident to smile ^___^
mule2 mmg sakit gilerrrrr pkai braces neyh
4 btg gg kot kne cabooot
mulut pon len mcm je cos xle adapt ag dgn kehadiran en.BRACES..hehe
then smgu mkn bubur je
nk gsok gg pon sakit
mmg perit btol~
but days after days
no more pain and u will feel nothing in ur mouth
even u will never realized ur teeth move every moment

the teeth move thru the use of force by the wire ( archwire)
and pushes them in a particular direction
(hehe..this is the only thing i remember la my dentist told me,if im wrong plz do correct me k)
and there's many types of braces actually
but if u wanna know more ,ask the dentists out there or
the easy way --->>> GOOGLE!

k that's all i think
and i love this braces!
byk sgt jasa en BRACES pada sy! ^_^
till we meet again everyone~

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers