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Friday, June 25, 2010

= CaRrOt MiLk jUiCe=

i lurve carrot milk juice so much~ ^_^
haha no wonder la i put this new post as my fav~
since i was small, my mother always prepared it for me..hehe thnx mom!
but then my eyesight was not well enough..have to wear specs also..haha
( gatal sgt nk pkai spek dolu2..2psl wat gak spek...even sblh mata je rabun then br skg nk nyesal)

and just wanna share some benefits of the carrot juice..
hope this info will help u ols to start drink the carrot juice..^_^
but not just drink but love it ! ^_^ hehe..
let's stimulate ur taste bud!

here are some infos which i got from the internet~
n if u wanna noe more bout it..just GOOGLE ok! hehe..

As we all know, no other vegetable contains as much beta-carotene as carrots. In our body, beta-carotene is converted into Vitamin A, which assists in improving our eyesight and the functioning of our immunity system, strengthening our bones and teeth, preventing possible problems with the functioning of the thyroid gland. Vitamin A also has positive effects on our hair, nails and skin. Besides, this Vitamin is associated with good cleansing effects: it can clean our liver from fat and other unnecessary elements. However, for receiving maximum results for the liver, it is necessary to drink carrot juice on a regular basis.


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers