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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

=D e S t i n Y =

hehe...again my new post is bout my fav song..haha cam xde bnda len je nk tulis kan..hehe long as i like it..watsoeva this is my blog okey..~heee

a song from the beshhh korean drama, Yu hee the witch..heee~ was entitled destiny

"The story is about a career woman named Ma Yu-hee who seems to have almost everything, and a young man named Chae Moo-ryung who hasn’t given up his dreams and hopes in becoming a professional chef.

Although Yu-hee is skilled and talented at her job, her looks and actions do not attract any attention from men. Her love life is nonexistent, so she has an earnest hope to fall head over heels in love. But she doesn’t know the basics of dating… So Yu-hee comes up with a dramatic plan to transform herself into an attractive, lovable woman.
Her love coach is none other than Chae Moo-ryung!"

it's quite a long time that i didnt listen to this song
and thats y la i wanna share it wif u ols and we can listen it togther~ sweet

ok so for those yg mmg korean drama punye fan..join me and lets sing this song! haha
and for those yg xbpe minat..try listen to this song 1st and im sure u'll njoy it~

below is the pic of the heroin from this drama~so adorable!


  1. umi umi!! i noe dis song!! HAHA
    n i love it soo much!! he dedicate to me..ahaks :P

  2. hahaha i noe..sweet ar korg i would like to dedicate dis song to both loving couple : fahiraferra and her soulmate..ahaks~

  3. gila drama korea betul nie.. :P

  4. wahhh..ira suke citer nie dan lagu tue lagu feveret ira.haha~


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers