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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

my 2nd belated beday present !

yeay! i got 1 more present from my fren!
this time comes from
siti munyati~
( pic kat bwh ni la orgnye..keh3..comey x???)

waaa terharu nyer...xsgka even belated bday pon dpt hadiah ag..hehe
she gave me this present to cheer me up..make me hapi
cos i look sad and stress lately
do u want to knw y?
no need la..hahaha~
what u have to knw is that ~ it is related to my stdy..

im so greatful to have a fren like u...thnx a lot my fren
i knw that deep in our heart..we love each other as a fren..hehe
thnx to my other frens too...miss them la..yela xsame posting dh..huhu~
so leh jupe pon kdg2 je..

tgk la hadiah ni! comey kan???? (^_^)
ni tabung mau menabung utk kawen nt! haha


  1. hehe.. cutenye tabung tu :)
    anyway, hepi belated birthday!

  2. alahai..cute jr tabung tu.. :)

    happy belated birthday.. :)

    jom ke APA KATA HATI pulak,

  3. salmia : thnx! mmg cute kan!

    nabilah_2908 : thnx to u too...ok nt sy sgah ^_^

  4. alamak, tabung sgt comel.. anyway, happy belated birthday yer..

  5. farra8979 : comey sgt3 tabung ni..! hehe thnx farra

  6. cik aidacomei: hahaha..~ nt dptla hadiah tuh..tgu belated bday cik aidacomei dl la..haha


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers