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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

neuro yg sgt menarik ^_^

this neuro posting is difficult but interesting la
learning everything about our brain..lalalaa~
today we have a clinic teaching session with DR MAK CHOON SOON

when I step into the neuro clinic,
i was shocked to see the clinic was quite small
there's no special room for every doctors
there's only a few divider that separate the doctor's tables

it makes that clinic more crowded when we all( 8 students in my group) join dr mak to see how he treat and manage neuro cases
and we have to stand up for about 4 hours u know...~
perghhhh kaki dh nak patah dh kat bfast pon xsempat
so ape ag ktowg sume tadi dh mcm ape je...when doctor ask question, everyone was staring at him back and try to find the answer on his face..haha
sory doc...haishhh byk kot kne sempat ag kan sy update blog nih..hehe

example of neuro cases that we saw just now in clinic :
myasthenia gravis
epilepsy ( byk gak patient case ni td kat clinic)
prolapsed intervertebral disc
gait disorder ( waddling gait) but not sure the diagnosis yet
left hemifacial spasm due to microvascular compression of 7th nerve

p.s : we should be grateful bcos we do not have any this diseases and always pray that Allah will protect us

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers