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Saturday, August 7, 2010

b o o k s

wahhhh ..dh lama xde post under books label..hehehe~
this time i have a chance to write bout that..
i bought the books( as u can see from the above pic ) yesterday during the 'bulan pghayatan islam' n menymbut kdtgn ramadhan al-mubarak~ ahlan wasahlan ya ramadhan! alhamdulillah we'll meet again this year...insyaAllah..

the 1st book is " tribute buat nenda". the true story of the writer with his late grandma. but it's not just a novel, it also cntains ayat2 al-quran and lots of tarbiyah. i like this book bcos besides from its small size and easy to bring to anywhere...cewahhh...hehe..the content is interesting

2nd book : hadis2 penenang jiwa...
yeah i like this too..contains hadith and explanations about each topic...and also the witer put the story that related to the topic..some of the topics are mengingati mati, sedekah, qiyamullail, zuhud, mentaati ibu bapa, banyakkan menangis, and so on..if u like to know more bout that, u can buy it and read ~ i think it's worth~ only rm10

both of this book come from the same writer : rashidy jamil muhammad ar-rashid

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers