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Saturday, October 30, 2010

what's ur hidden talent ???

hi everyone
okey today our topic is about what's ur hidden talent?? ok so you really know about urself?? if so, tell me whats ur hidden talent ! heheheee... no matter it is, ur talent is something that u need to be proud...nobody is perfect but with that talent, we look kind of special..a talent that makes u n me unique..n maybe a person can have so many talents rite! so be greatful for what u have..

there are some people who are able to snap a picture without looking at the camera...just need a special skill to snap from any angle n... the outcome is sooooo great! the picture looks so natural n beautiful..! oppsss am i talking about someone??? hahaha ok actually it's talking about my doctor..who is a medical officer in ENT clinic..despite of doing the routine work as a doctor,,,he loves taking pictures esp the candid one...and he told us about his hidden talent..which he can take a picture from any position or posture or angle..heee dunno how to explain..and the LOMO camera is his bes fren ever...

and so one day when my fren n me had finished our clinic session and took a picture with him ( that was our last day in ENT clinic), while we were headed to cafe for a lunch , he who was in the beginning was walking behind us, suddenly walking so faster than he wanna chased us la plak..hahaha but we didnt noticed anything until i saw him hold his LOMO camera on his right hand and take our picture while walking ! heeee...u all shud see how did i look on that time...i was so shocked n rse kelaka pon ade sbnrnyer...xsgka lak die amik pic ktorg tengah berjalan2 kua dari klinik tuh..hahaha..n his style mse amik pic pon mmg slumber je..jalan je then teros kuakan kamera n snap! without ever looking at us ...die jlan ckit punyer laju mase the way he snap our pic! so stylo mylo!

so this is our picture with him..wahhh special thank to u Dr Aly Alias Stephen for being such a good doctor, good teacher,...he is so friendly n sgt banyak tlg ktorg,,,thnx again doc! hope to see u again...=)

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers