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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loose weight while sleeping.

when we ask each n every women/girl in this world whether they want to be lean or slim or get a beautiful body sure they will definitely give an answer ' YES ! ' i've read some tips about how to loose weight n i think that tips are also good...yeah..u just control what u eat.exercise, ..but mayb it doesn't work for some people rite..then i found another tips from medical student blog about loose weight while is the content of the article,,,feel free to read~

If your not loosing weight even though you exercise and eat healthy, then you should probably look at your sleeping habits..

If you want to loose weight then make sure that you get enough sleep. A new research at the university of Chicago has showed that people that gets 8,5 hours sleep per night losses 55% more fat than those who only sleeps 5,5 hours.

Sleep deprivation disturb both the appetite and the body's metabolism. It causes the body to secret more of the hormone ghreline, which makes us store more fat and feel hungry.

Even though the participants in the study ate just as much, the ones who slept more lost more weight and kept their new weight more easily.

*** so what is ur opinion??? wateva it is, keep practice a healthy lifestyle..sure u can maintain ur normal body weight...


  1. hahah kurus kah?? cat ag kurus la..huhu umi dh makin gemok k..tu yg cr tips nak kurus tu...haha


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers