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Monday, December 6, 2010

emergency medicine...

ok so today dah masuk posting emergency medicine...pagi just ade briefing kat kampus sg buloh then ade lecture...lecture about abdomen and pelvic trauma...weeee besh2...umi duk depan sekali and ngantok giler..haha tapi mata tahan jela..mati lak nanti tido depan prof kan..hehe

okey emergency medicine...we were divided into 2 groups..each consists of 13-14 umi in 1st group..would be posted to emergency selayg hospital for a week then swab with another group plak..haaaa...gitu la...

procedure??? in emergency medicine...we have to fill in our log usual minimum 50 procedure were required to be venous cannulation,urinary catheterization,ECG,log rolling..and other things..huuu penat nak ckp...

today is my 1st day in ED..but becos i have an appointment with dr muiz, my ophthalmologist ...weee bek giler seyh doc nih! chumel plak tu..hakhakhak...okey umi gatal! oppsss jgn mare ye bang..hahaha actually doc tu sgt baik 2psl la i like him!

so i have to stay in sg buloh emergency becos i have no transpot to go to slyg in the evening...

in sg buloh...i came late and not attend the briefing session but it wasn't my fault's becos of the doc who came late for my apointment..huuu sory doc have to say this

i think i like being in the emergency becos of the situation and i learn a lot of things..i can do wateva i want..bkn sesuke hati la but it was more on practical thing...i saw the suturing the ECG..act we were supposed to do the suturing but becos this was our 1st day in ED so better to observe before we do it on our own..

in procedure room...the MA (medical assisstant) was doing the suturing on a child...the wound was an incised wound...about 2-3 cm in length..rite on the eyebrow...can u imagine how difficult it is to suture on that place..i dunno whether u agree with me or not but i think it was difficult..but the wound is not so long so it makes the suturing more easier..hahaha...

after the suturing had finished, suddenly i dunno y i had nauseated...i find a chair and sit down..try to calm down and control my nauseated and hopefully not vomit in that place! but then i couldn't stand anymore and just walk away from that room and went to the surau ..but on my way to surau, my vision had reduced and i saw black2 spot and turns to black! plus tinnitus! OMG....! but i continue walking and quickly enter the toilet...n i vomit but nothing came out...! n alhamdulillah after that there was no more nauseated or blackouts~

n i started i having panic attack or something? im not phobia to needle,wound or even blood. this was the 1st time i had experienced this. okeyla penatnyerrrr ngantok..baru balik dengar ceramah tadi...balik petang teros g lect hall ade eminent persons lecture series on a lifetime in medical education..then continue plak dengan ceramah maal hijrah..perghhh penat seyhhhhh...kje nanti lagi penat kot..but as HIS servant, do wateva u do dgn ikhlas...may this awal muharam purify our heart and renew our commitment...salam maal hijrah everyone!

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers