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Friday, November 25, 2011

"saya nak jadi semut"

As a student, learning something new might be a very2 exciting especially in medicine. cehhh nak sebut jugak kan medicine nih. It depends on each person. Everyone has different interpretation.

Today , i and some of my friends attend our clinic session with the clinical psychologist in selayang hospital. The different between psychologist and psychiatrist is that, psychologist is not a doctor who treat patient and give a diagnosis ,and admit patient to ward plus they cannot prescribe medications like psychiatrist do . they will conduct a therapy which to be simple a talking treatment in order to change patient's negative feelings and thought to a positive thing. they will let patient talk freely about their feelings. i remember my prof said that, we as a human must have someone to talk with..if not, u are in danger. yes thats true. what will happen if u have a problem and u not have someone that u trust and u can talk to , then the problem will not settle . u may become depressed and end up with many psychiatric problem like suicide.
we are not allowed to be in a clinic while the session running however we will discuss the case after that. the best thing about psychiatry is that, we learn about human behavior. we deal with human's mind. which something that u cannot see if something wrong is going on. not like physical diseases which u can see and treat accordingly.
our psychologist tell us about one of her patient which come with symptoms of depression. he had a very blunted affect. u can just see his tears run down on his cheeks but his face did not show any expression. he did not talk. he cannot talk. he just stare at the psychologist. then she asked him to write down on a paper about what is his feelings. he jot down " why do we need to be a human? because at the end of the day, we will die? " " the purpose of being a human is to die" " im worried about my family..all of them will die later. i dont want to loss them"   oh forgot to tell u that the patient is actually a chinese man, free thinker .

the psychologist said ,then what do u wanna be if u not being a human? he replied, " i wanna be an ant. but if not, i wanna be a tree. or a table." ohmaigod. hahahahaha.  can u imagine that..but a professional shouldn't laugh in front of patient due to any reasons. it was not appropriate if u laugh on what they've said... and the patient will not trust u anymore.

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers