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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

m a k a n t i m e !!!

ladies n gentlemen...! we present to u the Korea's no 1 chicken restaurant ---> BBQ CHICKEN@WANGSA WALK MALL !!! yeeeehaaa ~

hehe this afternoon i went to wangsa walk mall which was near to my house for a lunch ( act dh lewat utk lunch sbnrnyer..huuu~) my bro gave a suggestion to have our lunch at this restaurant~
besh tau mkn kat cnih...! ^__^ eating while listening to Korea songs... reasonable price plus delicious foods`~ i like this restaurant! ...

i would like to share some pics...hehe..even though im sure many of u have already came to this restaurant but i just wanna show some foods here ( mse nk mkn td bz amek pic n xpeduli pon org len pndang2...hahaha...haish! umi2...malu btl.. tp ala bkn slalu kot wat gnih..haha..

100% olive oil..

nasi korea ni mmg sodappp..ayam die pon sgttt besh ~

this is korea tea....hav no idea on what its taste..hehe adik yg order..he's a tea lover..


crunchy fish~

dunno y they called it pat bing soo..mayb there's a meaning in Korea language kott...


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers