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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

t r a p p e d w i n d

still have this abd discomfort plus bloating...huu
sometimes feels like want to defecate pon ad...opps! and...
this morning i feels like something stuck in my throat~
sabo jela...
this is not the 1st time
previously i have faced the same problem for so many times esp in early morning..
and it makes me very uncomfortable..
hahah...moreover the sounds from my stomach are too loud !
but as usual i ignore it cuz i think it's just bcoz im not bfast yet..
but today i have decided to go to clinic
g klinik then the doc confirmed that i have wind in my tummy
therefore the doctor advised me to control my diet/food~
cannot eat spicy or sour food, and i have to eat on time
ok2~ baik doc!
my bowel sounds for sure increase gler td...
hahaha...haish bergendang gendut ag ha perot nih...

"Trapped intestinal gas is one of the most common digestive problems known in humans
It frequently results from either air swallowed inadvertently while eating or during anxiety
or from gas produced from the fermentation of undigested food product in our gut by bacteria"


  1. tula... haha
    suh makan nasi pi mkn angin!!!
    kalo bunyi perot mean awk tu lapar sayang oi hahha

  2. hahaha mkn angin ag besh dr mkn nasi tau ~ =P


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers