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Friday, July 9, 2010

after a week ~

pejam celik dh 1 week we have been thru this endocrinology posting far it's was interesting la (^__^)
learn about D I A B E T E S, T H Y R O I D, and other endo problem..

we have to go to putrajaya hospital in a very early morning everyday
for this 2 weeks!
erm..quite tired la cos it takes about an hour to get there
and i also jeles wif my housemates cos they can wake up late than me!
( im the only one in my house for this posting)

em...what had happened in this whole week???? let me tell u..hehe

we have learn a lot about diabetes and thyroid disease especially during the teaching session in the clinic
we have been divided into small groups consist of 2-3 students in each group
then we have to attach to any of endocrine specialist in the clinic and see how they treat and manage their patients

after i saw a few patients, i realize that they still have lack of awareness about the diabetes
they were not concern at all about their health
and also the dangerous of diabetes
they not control their diet and follow the doctor's advices

once u have diabetes, it can never be cure
u will depends on the medications to control ur blood sugar
and if u not control ur blood sugar seriously,
it will develop so many complications
esp the heart attack which can lead to death--->this is what the doctor told and i hope the patient will be more concern and do what the doctor said to do for their own good

and talking about the medications...
u know that a diabetic patient have to use insulin if they have poor control of blood sugar
and last 2 days, we have the opportunity
to use the pen injector which the diabetic patient always use to inject the insulin

and it was a very2 precious experience for us as a medical students
so that we know how does the diabetic patient feels whenever they inject the insulin
is it painful?? no..the needle was very small and the pain was like kne gigit dgn semut api je..hehe

ok la i think we have to stop here cos penat la nk cter..haha
even so many happens in this week
but i hope tomorrow will be better than today
and remember...learn to live and live to learn!

p.s : Ya Allah..pls help us to walk in this tough life...


  1. salam umi

    everytime i have a chance to read other people's entry, i learn something new. keep on writing...

    life is tough but it's the tough that makes it alive!

    check out my graphic novel ~ Sorrow>

  2. wslm..
    hi dark half..wah u have ur own graphic novel??great! ok i'll read it.thnx for visiting my visit again nxt time.k.^_^


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers