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Monday, July 12, 2010


hehe xtau nak buh title ape kat atas tuh so wat jela muka org ngh sy mmg hepi pun arinih.even xde sebab utk hepi ..err ada kaitan ngan hormonal changes ker???? hahah xde kaitan okey...arinih kitorg balik awal sikit ...pagi tadi just ada endocrine clinic siyes besh kot! dalam byk2 slot, clinic session ar paling best..! tp depends kat specialist gak la..if specialist tuh besh, mmg byk benda kita dpat belajar..haha thnx a lot to Dr Hayati..she's a medical officer btway..we learn a lot of things from u today! doc nih baik sgt..suke belajar dgn doc yang baik2 and xgarang cam dia..belajar pon masuk otak..hehe tapi if doc tu garang and tegas pon ad beshnyer gak..kita leh usaha sungguh2 utk jadi yang terbaik!

erm..patient2 kat putrajaya spital tuh semuanya mmg wonder la cos ramai VIP yang dtg sane and they can tell the doctor all the symptoms that they have..
mcm hari nih tadi ade seorg patient dtg and siap ckp lagi yg dia tau semua symptom yg dia ada cos dia dh ada hyperthyroid nih for 3 years..then bila tgk kat referral letter rupe2nya ada title Dato tuh..pergh..patotla..

then kat ward plak tadi..there's an old man about 50+ yrs came to the hospital for the elective fren asked if he having paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnoea(PND)---> just to complete the cvs review and to make sure that we didnt missed any symptoms that the pt might have, then he said that if someone got that PND,it shows that the person might got heart prob..he was definitely rite~ =) and alhamdulillah he had no PND..

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers