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Thursday, July 1, 2010

count down...ehehe~

day by day...
sleep and sleep...
eat and eat..
fat become fatter..???errk..haha~

and finally here we come to the end of holidays!
i wanna more holidays to stay at home !
erm..nape xwat cuti 2-3 bulan??! haha

aiyarkk..itulah bile cuti..bosan lak..nak cepat stat kelas
then bile dh beh cuti..barulah tkedek2 nak enjoy holiday ni hah..huhuhu~

we should appreciate what we have now..
forget about yesterday and let's start think for tomorrow
but do we have a chance to meet the next day--->tomorrow?
erm..nobody can answer that except HIM..
today is the day that we should live
live to learn how to live in this world..? heh
same like my blog's title
learn to live and live to learn

we learn from our mistakes,experiences,new live this live
and we live in this world to learn how to be a good human..a good Khalifah

in islam,
human was created by Allah
to be HIS Khalifah
to lead this world
and that's y we human were HIS bestest and perfect creature

be grateful and prove that we are human
we acting like a human
not an animal

ok nape tbe2 dh jauh menyimpang nih patik berkata2...haha
ok itu jela wat masa nih
till we meet again everyone...!



Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers