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Thursday, July 1, 2010

cuppycakes vs layered cakes

this new post is not bout which one is better or more delicious..
but what i want to highlight here is that
these two cakes are so cute,beautiful,unique and yummy!!

im hungry rite now..n that's y i put my new post bout food..^_^ ngeh3..
those two cakes above suddenly cross my mind just now
and it starts to make me more hunger..~
i really want to eat those two cakes
i think my body needs some sweet food/sugar based food cos my glucose level starts to decrease back n i need to replace it back b4 my body turn to hypoglycemic..hahaha
(yoyo o je ak ni merepek ckp ape nth..haha)

layered cakes have many unique names, delicious...
but not easy to do cos it requires a lot of patience ..
i still remember when i was in the end of year2 ..after final exam..we have to do elective project and my group have decided to do about the sarawak layered cakes..
we went to kota warisan,sepang to see how they do it..
the name of the shop was Randau Bakery & Cafe..
they made a variety of delicious modern Sarawak layered cakes
and also cute cupcakes!
we were so glad to have an opportunity to try it ourselves and see how they done it..
it took about 2 days to make one layered cakes!
tu jela nk cter..hehe..byk nk ckp tp mls mau tulis maa~

pic cupcakes kat bwh nie hasil keje tgn kami..hehe then leh bwk lik mkn! sedap tau..(^__^) hehehe..~

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers