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Monday, September 20, 2010

fOrEnSiC mEdIcInE

hari ni 1st day im in forensic medicine..we were posted to sg buloh hospital for 2 was supposed to be HKL..but they decided to change the place this time...but it doesn't matter..yg pnting dpt belajar forensic..hehehe...

ok so what was the 1st thing in my mind when i think about forensic..i just knew that the forensic people ( forensic pathologist) do a dissection and want to know the cause of death of the person..and maybe some people will say that it's same like CSI...

tapi hari ni baru saya tahu ape itu forensic medicine..walaupun baru hari pertama, kami berpeluang masuk ke mortuary untuk melihat autopsy...wahhhh so exciting!!! ade 2 autopsy we were divided into 2 my group would be observe a medico-legal case..decompose body..3 days already found...lots of maggots on her face and body..the body was unidentified..respon sy mase 1st time tgk?? em...okla..alhamdulillah so far im of my fren dh termuntah2 tgk autopsy..but she was in another group..dorg tgk road traffic accident..

ok so ape cter dgn mayat tadi tu sebenarnye...cter nye camnih...she was found dead last week in a there was a man who was searching for metal...but then he smells something bad and finally he found her body lying under a wood..she was wearing a t-shirt but half of her body was uncovered and her jeans was unbutton..

conclucion, the finding of autopsy>>> head injury..her head was hit by a blunt and hard object..that was the cause of her death..and other investigations were in progress to confirm either die di rogol atau tidak..

okla that's all i think...just wanna share my experience je nih..heeee salam

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers