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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


wahhh penat la baru habis kelas tadi ... tapi tetap gak nak update blog today we just have 3lectures at sg buloh hospital..penat kan asik dgr lect je..hehe but it worth..i learn many new things from the lecture...of cos u can learn from books or internet but lecture in forensic was different...y do i said so? it was becos sometimes we couldn't get those info in lectures from any other was from our lecturer's true experiences..and my lecturer loves to tell us a story about forensic..any cases so that we can relate it and try to grab the concept..and he loves to ask questions in class..hehehe

lecture arinih menarik ...tntg gunshot injuries, signs of death, intro to forensic...

ok in gunshot injuries lecture, kitorg belajar 1st thing what are the types of firearms...ala sume org tau kot revolver,pistol,rifle..then belajar apa compartment2 firearms tuh...what are the types of injury.. what was the wound looks like on the dead person...the wound would tell u either this person was shot either close, or from long distance...menarik kan??? ade banyak lagi dalam lect ni tapi ni jela nk bg contoh..hehehe

then we learn about the signs of death...nmpak mcm simple je kan tajuk lecture ni???? semua org pon penah tgk org mati tapi bukan senang nak diagnose org yg mati nih...banyak benda kita kena tgk then baru boleh confirm org tu dh mati..for example in case of early death..which occur within 24 hours..the signs would be cooling of the body, changes in the eye,skin and rigor mortis. and what are the fate of body after death which can be divided into decompose, mummified and adipocere...

okla 2 je nk cter utk hari nih..fuuhhh penat...lapo pon ade gak nih..dh mkn byk pon still lapo gak..keh3..mau tidor la pula... kepenatan sudah...salam

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers