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Saturday, February 26, 2011

love hyun bin !

wawawa since i watched a korean drama, the secret garden, i fall in love with the hero of this drama, HYUN BIN..hehe~ despite of having a good-looking n cute, his character in this drama can make me melt lor..huhu wish to have another hyun bin in my real life...hahaha..he plays a role as KIM JU WON, a CEO of a store department who fall in love with a stuntwoman, Gil Ra Im..their love story is different from other korean drama love story and it makes the story more good when they exchange soul and the story plays with various emotions....u olls better go n watch it =)

KIM JU WON is never give up on when it comes to love matter..he fights for it and left everything that he had behind...oh my! that was so touching..i like the way he shows his love to GIL RA IM ..he knows how to handle situations and solve problems..he is always there for her and follow her like a shadow.. do anything that is capable in order to fulfill Gil Ra Im's wish.  he is romantic too..

ohohoho looks like someone will get jelous when he read this entry..hehe what to do..i like story that is happy ending..wish to have a true man who will protect me, loves me n accept me the way i am..i know u r now reading this and please understand that u are more better than KIM JU WON,,yes u urself know that..we know it.. u r 'my prince'..

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers