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Monday, February 28, 2011

welcome to PCM posting!

ahhhhhh! im so tiredddddd after having not so much classes today..hahaha...dont know why but maybe because of not enough sleep and energy then have to travel to sg buloh campus and then to Klinik Kesihatan sg buloh. fuh! driving early morning to avoid traffic jam but unfortunately we couldn't .

ok back to our main topic here which is welcome to PCM posting! yes i am now in PRIMARY CARE MEDICINE POSTING. a 2 months posting that required my commitment, sacrifice, extra energy and contribution more than expected! attached to KK TAMAN EHSAN & SG BULOH for the next 6 weeks starting consult patient( start from history taking , physical examination till management...hohoho educate patient okey siyes cuak! ) we should do at least for 4 sessions for each student if im not mistaken~ wish me luck k!

what is primary care medicine is all about? have u ever heard other terminology like family medicine or general practice??? they are all exactly the same as primary care medicine! it's just a matter of different countries or universities use different term .

my 1st impression about this posting is...BORED! hahaha that is because i heard some of my friends feedback about this posting. and i  think i dont have to mentioned it here. but after briefing and lecture on PCM, my impression has changed. i think PCM is very important in this medical field and also especially for the malaysians. 

doctors who make a specialty in this PCM we called as FAMILY MEDICINE SPECIALIST (FMS). they are only about 180 FMS in public sector..this is not including the private one..
UITM has develop our first family medicine center in sg buloh which is the first center in malaysia which will be officially open in 2012....

people tend to seek for treatment from either public or private depends on their financial abilities. or maybe from the panel clinic. but they are not seeing only 1 doctor, but maybe more than 2 i think. me myself have seen more than 2 doctors in my life. by doing that, how can ur doctor knowing everything about u from head to toe and since child till adult ??? lucky to those who had their own family doctor who can take care of their health but many of us didn't have it rite? so many things to be talking and debated about this. but general speaking, other country especially European and Australia have much more better system than we had.  in PCM , they stress on 4C AND 4P...principle of PCM :
4P : primary contact, prevention, personalized, patient-centred.
4C: coordinated, comprehensive,continuous , community-based

****haaaaiisshhhh so tired la now plus having headache...i think i should continue next time...assalamualaikum 

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  1. Salam.. Umie~....
    Dtg la check blog kite, result utk contest dh kuar!! Hihihi.. ^_^


Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers