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Friday, March 18, 2011

HoMe ViSiT

Ok nak sambung citer aritu mase pegi hospis malaysia, the main objective of that day was home visit. we were divided into small groups and had to followed the nurses. we went to patient's house by car. actually memang nurse2 palliative care ni sume ade keta sendiri coz tu memang rutin dorang untuk pegi rumah2 pesakit to review/assess them. nurse2 ni akan clerk patient, do physical examination and point out what was the issue for each patients. then next morning, dorang akan present case2 tu kat doctor. it's like how the houseman officer(HO) present to specialist during ward round.huhuhu~ hebat kowwttt dorang! aku rase medical student pon kalah. dorang cam dah level doctor seyh~ kagum sebentar aku mase dengar dorang present kat doctor . 

okey berbalik pada citer aku pegi rumah patient. so aku and my partner, yan ekot sorang akak nurse yang comel,cun and baik ni ( ceyhhh puji lebey kan..haha aku ikhlas okey) pegi area setiawangsa. but before that, nurse tu kene hantar ubat kejap kat patient lain. anti-depressant. patient tu is a chinese lady, breast cancer since few years ago i think..heee~ oppsss forgot la what was happened to her..but the thing is she is now depressed. her husband didn't care about her. she was so worried what will happened to her 8 year old son after she go. according to akak fara ( nurse yg aku puji2 tadi..hehe) palliative care team gave her a memory box. hah ape kebenda plak memory box tu... ok so memory box ni untuk patient tu letak ape2 surat or pictures for her son/family as their memories.  wuuuu...sedih tau...bayangkan kalau kita berada di tempat dorang.. patient tu nangis mase dapat box tuh...hurm...this is 1 of thousands true sad story that i ever heard or realized...this thing happened around us..apekah kite tidak lagi bersyukur dengan ape yang kite ade...banyak pengajaran yang aku ambil dari home visit ni ... mengenal erti kemanusiaan , hidup yang terlalu pendek di atas dunia ni..

next...the house that i told u before...situated in belongs to a married old couple.. the husband is 63 years old man..who is a heavy smoker..and currently was diagnosed to have lung cancer with metastases to brain... senang citer cancer tu dah merebak ke otak si suami...the husband now is very weak because of the progressing disease..he is unable to move or even speak...senang citer bed bound. he depends on his wife to do everything for him. unfortunately his wife also got her own disease. she had a history of thyroid problem and now on iodine therapy..has to admit to hospital for she had developed complication of closed humeral fracture which is non-union fracture. okey senang citer lengan si isteri patah dan patah tu tak baik2..tulang tu tak mau sambung plak kan. so kesimpulannya si isteri tak dapat nak jaga si suami dengan baik. so she asked hospis malaysia to help her admit her husband to palliative care ward in selayang hospital. 

huuuu...banyak nak citer tapi penatla...nanti la ek...

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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers